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Join the SAChamber for an exciting webinar on self-leadership to inspire teams with our esteemed speaker Mr Grant 'Upbeat' Bosnick.

The number one thing that stands in people's way to grow, change, and develop is their ability to change their habits. The will is there but we have been brainwashed into thinking that changing our habits is difficult.

But what if we knew that change is easy if you have the right knowledge and the right tools? In Your Impact on Others: Authentic Self-Leadership to Inspire Teams, Grant encourages you to understand behaviour from the 'inside-out' of neuroscience and how the brain works, while also keeping an eye on the 'outside-in:' how we understand others and how others see us.

He makes the process easy by providing a change assessment that shows you where you personally need to focus, and then with deliberate care, provides the bite-size knowledge and tools that will enable you to make a transformation in areas that are most important for YOU to lead yourself more authentically and have more intentional positive impact on others.

Date: 11 July 2024

Time: 16:30 Singapore time / 10:30AM South Africa time

*Note that this session will not be recorded


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  • Grant 'Upbeat' Bosnick (Managing Director, Author, Keynote Speaker of YES (Your Empowering Solutions) at Your Empowering Solutions)

    Grant 'Upbeat' Bosnick

    Managing Director, Author, Keynote Speaker of YES (Your Empowering Solutions) at Your Empowering Solutions

    Grant ‘Upbeat’ Bosnick is an award-winning Author, Keynote Speaker, Musician, and the Managing Director of YES (Your Empowering Solutions), a boutique HR consultancy. Using psychology and neuroscience, he has partnered with over a hundred Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 clients in 45 countries on 6 continents to transform people’s mindsets and behaviour to achieve results and perform at a higher level. He loves switching on light bulbs with people – triggering those ‘aha moments’ - insights - that change mindsets and open up new possibilities. His passion is all about helping people, teams and organizations re-imagine the future, not for a new normal, but for a ‘better’ normal... His new book, Tailored Approaches to Self-Leadership: A Bite-Size Approach Using Psychology and Neuroscience, was published by Routledge in 2023.

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