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Join us for an insightful webinar featuring esteemed speaker Tom James, CEO of TradeFlow Capital Management. In this dynamic session, we will delve into the rapidly evolving landscape of trade digitization and its profound impact on global commerce.

Tom James, a visionary leader in trade finance and technology, will share his expertise on leveraging digital tools to streamline trade processes, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risks. The webinar will be moderated by Shiven Moodley, COO of 80Eight. Shiven brings a wealth of experience in operational excellence and strategic leadership, ensuring a dynamic discussion that addresses key challenges and opportunities in trade digitization.


  • Tom James (CEO & CIO of TradeFlow Capital Management Pte Ltd)

    Tom James

    CEO & CIO of TradeFlow Capital Management Pte Ltd

    Dr. Tom James, an acclaimed Thought Leader in Commodity Markets & Financial Services, is renowned for his 33+ years of expertise in Commodity, Energy, and Emissions markets. He's a FinTech Entrepreneur, Fund Manager and Author, sought after by Governments and Multinationals for advice on market development and business ecosystem health. He is co-founder of TradeFlow Capital Management, the world's first fund group investing in global commodity trade by SMEs. His contributions to written knowledge, including 12 books, are referenced globally, and are required reading for professionals and academics. He holds a PhD in global commodity markets within the functional disciplines of trade and risk management.

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  • Shiven Moodley (COO at 80eight)

    Shiven Moodley

    COO at 80eight


    Mr Shiven Moodley is the Chief Operating Officer and Macro Strategist of 80eight. He transitioned from a traditional treasury background to alternative investment management, guiding a talented team on an exciting exploration of the treasury applications of tokenization and decentralized financial solutions. With a strong focus on the MENA region, his team is dedicated to empowering corporations and individuals with innovative financial strategies. Beyond his position at Eighty8, you can read his regular market commentary on on-chain analytics of cryptocurrencies and macroeconomic forecasts.

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